He is talking about the character in the videos at the bottom from the movie “A Face In The Crowd”. All three are a must watch.


The reTHUGliCONS compared the Obama Presidency to the ‘Manchurian Candidate’, which proved that they hadn’t seen the movie.

‘A Face In The Crowd’ comes much closer to a description of the trCHUMP regime.

The pressure needs to be kept up on the “Orange ShitGibbon”, maybe we will get to see a meltdown of the crazy idiot.

Maybe Comey’s testimony will be one of the final nails in trCHUMP’s presidential coffin.




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Don’t scoff at the idea. Now that Trumplethinskin has, more than likely, libeled former President Obama with the crazy wiretapping charge, the door is wide open for him to go after anyone his delusional (what’s left of it) mind thinks is “OUT TO GET HIM”.

Our ‘Nutjob-In-Chief’ is not looking out for the welfare of America.

He is only looking out for himself. I believe he would throw his family and/or closest friends under the bus if his financial or political survival were in peril.

Keith Olbermann gives some insight on the latest activity of our “exalted” leader(?).

What will Trumplethinskin do Next? Who would stop him?




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Spotted at 30th & 5th Street in NYC.

This is the face of a self proclaimed sexual predator.

It is not the face of a President.

It is not a President, it is a the face of a “So-Called Ruler Of The United States.


trCHUMP-I did try and FUCK her

Pic is from Reddit.

In its own words;

“I did try and fuck her. She was married.
I moved on her like a bitch,
But I couldn’t get there.
And she was married.
You know I’m automatically attracted to beautiful.
I just start kissing them. It’s like a magnet. Just kiss.
I don’t even wait.
And when you’re a star they let you do it.
You can do anything…
Grab them by the pussy.
You can do anything.”

– The President of the United States of America, aka, SCROTUS.


You can see the video of the disgusting piece-of-shit bragging about it here;

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Carl Sagan Day

George Carlin being insightful.


Sean Hannity at his job interview for Fox Entertainment. (I won’t call it Fox News until they actually report news.)


I am proud, deGrasse Tyson, space

Klingon Proverb

Power of a barking dog

Stephan Hawking Quote

Trouble with Quotes

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Weirdest items left at the Sturgis rally

Each August for the past 74 years, save for a couple during World War II, bikers from around the globe have motored to the mecca of motorcycling – the Sturgis motorcycle rally in the Black Hills.

They tour the scenic highways, stop at Mount Rushmore National Memorial, cruise past the free-roaming herds of bison in Custer State Park, and speed by the towering waterfalls of Spearfish Canyon. At night, rally-goers test the taps at many a Sturgis saloon and sway to the tunes of top-name musical acts at several entertainment venues scattered in the shadows of Bear Butte.

The Buffalo Chip Campground, nestled on the grasslands just east of Sturgis, is among the most popular venues, hosting tens of thousands of motorcyclists for camping, concerts and 10 crazy days of organized mayhem. But, what do they leave behind?

Here’s the Top Five…

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Dear Republicans

AR Gov No ID Cannot VOTE LOL

GOP Sodomites Verse

Black guy Debt

Franken GOP

1st president in HISTORY to...

The Modern WorldAbortion Argument

No Rethug Jobs Bill Passed


bush and cheney laughing at America

Fox news bumper sticker

Liberalism vs. Conservatism

Pesky Obama Facts

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A moment of Zen.


Cat is Cat

Cat is Cat

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DAMMIT!!! You have to draw the line somewhere. You have to have SOME standards!

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